Monday, October 20, 2014

Mountains, herbs and butter

moon over Asheville
October might be my favorite month, and the true turn of the seasons feels like it happens during the drive south to Asheville, North Carolina, where my friend Jen and I attend the Southeast Wise Women's Herbal Conference.  Every year we go for a bit longer, insinuating ourselves into the inner circle of women who make the conference happen... 

Jen and our fine "camping" food
 This year we arrived, along with our friend Sarah, on Wednesday for our work shift.  I love being on the camp grounds when it is still quietly humming.  Before hundreds of women arrive.

I've started every conference for the past four years welcoming women to the top of the mountain, where there is camping and parking.  I can see the gathering swell from this peaceful spot, and as you can see from the next, oh several photos, I also have long moments to myself.

How about I talk at you while you enjoy these beauties? So, every year I try to arrive with a blank slate and an open mind.  I have attended workshops on conscious dying, herbs for menopause, honing intuition and drumming.  I have sat through classes on stone medicine and adaptogens, and listened to the likes of Susun Weed and Aviva Romm.   This year my intention was to take care of myself through the weekend, be a little self-centered and only do what fed me.  This is harder than you think.

I started off well - I came down the mountain on a path that took me past more stunning fungus than I've seen all year in Ohio, and decided to not rush to make it to the first class, but to treat myself to a shower after 3 days of travel and work exchange.  Self-care.  I ran into another worker who I recognized from years past and together we decided to skip the talk on auto-immunity and made a beeline towards Sex as a Path to the Divine.  See? Open mind. It was awesome.  The 68-year-old teacher is a midwife and healer and was composed and articulate as she talked about brainwaves (beta - your thinking mind, alpha - your zoney listening-to-music-while-drawing mind, theta - your REM sleeping or tripping mind, and delta - your deeply sleeping mind) and orgasms (ok, so it wasn't so much the how, but the why).  This woman takes self-care seriously.

(are you still enjoying the pretty pictures??
or are you distracted because I mentioned what the teacher called "solo cultivation"??)

Did I mention that Eliza came again this year? She saved her money and looked forward to it all year, sweet girl.  Friday night, after the opening ceremony (highlight: hearing that Malala won the Nobel Peace Prize, in a room with nearly 1000 women and girls), we headed to the dining hall to watch Girl Rising which I wish everyone would see.

(Can you believe this sweet village of fungus??
They were living on a woodpile next to me.)

oh, those eyelashes...
Jen, our friend Kylene, and I had the pleasure of having Monica Corrado sit down at our table to eat her lunch one day.  She is a nutritionist, chef, student of living healthy and being well, and was there to teach several classes over the weekend, including one I attended: Get the Skinny on Fats.  We grilled her for a while there during our meal, and the upshot of everything she had to say (while making us laugh every other minute - this woman is charming) was "Eat butter".  Eat fats, preferably animal fats, because they are good for healing your gut, they are extremely good for optimal brain function (your brain is made of fat! so are your lungs and 50% of your cell walls!), your adrenal system, your immunity and they do not make you fat.  So there. Stop eating margarine and bring on the butter.

Wild Wise Women
Saturday was the International Day of the Girl, and there was a parade through the conference, celebrating the girls who were present and the girls these women use to be. 

The last class I took on Saturday was with Kim Duckett, who runs the Mystery School near Asheville.  I've heard her speak before about the ancient Wheel of the Year and the way it is used as a template for inner work, but it was nice to get a refresher, plus she focused this year on the Autumn Woman, in the middle of her life.  Ahem, it hit home in many ways.  It's a time to clarify what things in your life you are ready to let go of, and what has simply been dormant and is still there, ready to be useful.  What have you harvested, and what is it time to say goodbye to? They were nice reflections for any of us to hear, but I had recently been processing some of this in writing and conversations with friends, so it was interesting to hear it as a step along the path that many people walk through.

Communing with the plants, dancing, playing games...Eliza and I were both exhausted and happy by the end of the day on Saturday, and actually crawled into her bottom bunk together to snuggle and talk about the day.  (Skipping the night-time festivities was more self care for me!)  Sunday morning I attended a talk with Aviva Romm on pediatrics and antibiotics (the bottom line: explore every option before taking antibiotics. They are way over-prescribed in our country, because they are an easy answer, but they are creating drug-resistant variations of diseases and can cause extensive damage to your gut health: learn more directly from the CDC) and then started the packing up for the long drive home.  Tired, happy, content...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

whirlwind of grandparental love!

Autumn is a time when I feel my grandparents who are gone.  The three that have passed left in the fall, and the richness and impermanence of the season have always fit the bittersweet feelings of this kind of loss. 

That was a very melancholy way to begin a post about grandparents, but it all fit, in the way that things do!  This month, Dan's play went up, and all of our parents came to support him in his success.  This has actually never happened in the 19 years we've lived together.  It was an overlapping whirlwind of grandparental love...

Nim with Gramma D
sharing seeds from our garden with Grampa Greg
opening night shenanigans
striking a pose with Gramma Liz
(Did you need me to explain the wig? Let's incredibly generous and thoughtful fairy godmother in Seattle noticed Eliza looking at the wigs at Archie Macphee's and guess what arrived in the mail just as the grandparents arrived?  It was on her head for four days solid...)

After a day of boardgames, chicken soup and four grandparents catching up, Dan's folks left and we took my dad and his wife uptown for supper before they went to see the play.  It was our local Nuit Blanche and we got to show them some of the Honey for the Heart puppets in action. They really are superbly magnificent to happen upon.

Eliza's art class took part in the celebrations, so we tracked down her portrait which was hanging in a coffeeshop.  The assignment was to create a realistic half and a symbollic half. My photo of it is not great, but I could look at it for a long time, deciphering the symbols.  (Oh right, I'm her mom...)

The idea of Nuit Blanche as I understand it is Art! Everywhere! So there was music, spoken word, art exhibits, theater, and dance.  We stumbled upon the OU Jitterbug club teaching a swing lesson and played there for a while before sending them all to the theater and heading home.

This is what Ani wears these days.  All stripes, all the time.
In fact, not just any stripes, but these striped pajamas.
I want to do that.
~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

On the heels of these visits - one day later - my mama arrived!! I'm telling you, this convergence has never happened before. It was awesome. It was grandchild heaven.  My mom came to hang out with Ani while Eliza and I travelled to North Carolina for the Southeast Women's Herbal Conference, but that is another post...

The Mormor Fairy, sneaking in the back door
(Ani left my mom a note on her bed one night, on top of the pair of wings, that read "Please put me on".  When mom came down for breakfast the next morning, guess what she had on...I love that woman, and she obviously loves that kid.)

I have only a few photos of their time together, since I was not here!
This is the closest we've lived to our parents since we moved west in 1995.  I am so grateful for the day's drive, but how I wish it were even shorter. We soaked them up while they were here and I'm already looking forward to the next chance to be together...It was such a gift to Ani to have that one-on-one time with Mormor; she just blossoms under that kind of attention and companionship, and I love seeing my kids find their own relationships with my parents.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Our dear ones from Virginia came visiting last weekend! I feel so lucky when we can get friends to travel here, to Ohio. It's not exactly a weekend destination, but I'd like to think we showed them a good time!  Truthfully, more accurate photos would show a set of markers and our living room table, where the girls parked themselves for much of the visit, and my kitchen table, the air buzzing with conversation and a bottle of wine between us - but we did take a hike and a ramble uptown, so here is that.
Willa and  her Woolly
jewelweed seed launch

the seeds (the brown ones are tasty - like little nuts)
the spring!

visiting the set of  bobrauschenbergamerica - opens this week!
Love you, friends...